Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Welcome Nohli Rio! 8.29.08 7.2lbs 21"

Hello everyone!  With so many friends and family all over the globe, we decided to start this blog on Nohli's behalf in order to keep everyone updated on all things Nohli.  This is going to be a Nohli blog but it will also feature friends, family, and fashion-baby fashion that is!  We wanted to set up this blog to document things in a jounal type of way...but I also think it would be helpful to add tidbits of Baby related info.  There seems to be a major BABYBOOM going on in the world at the moment.  Many of our friends are first time parents and have alot of questions!  I know we do, so we will do our best to spread any useful info we may come across to help our lil (HUGE) BABYBOOM-ing community out.  Please feel free to pass this address along to friends.  We welcome all positive comments, and any great info you may have.  Thanks so much for reading. Nohli thanks you as well! xxo!!!