Wednesday, September 16, 2009


It was an interesting summer. In a lot of ways it didn't even feel like summer. There was a small stretch in August were it actually got HOT, but it seamed like clouds andd rain dominated most of this summer. Still Nohli makes everything FUN, so we still enjoyed it
Here's the whole clique

Nohli found a stick that she loved.
Nohli getting crazy with her cuz

Lots of kisses

Beautiful & Haunted

The Sun sets In The West

The Golden Lady on the Golden Sand

Framed Beauty

Sand Castles

Ocean Dreams

Sea Weed Finds w Tia JenJen

On the Ferry feeling Merry

Beach Bum'n w Dad

Horizon  Ahead

Free Rides to the Beach w Mama n Pucci

"Look Babi, I see pretty Flowers in your garden"