Sunday, February 22, 2009

BonVoyage- Its a Baby On a Plane!

Just a few more hours and we are off!  Its been real cold weather...Like the birds we too fly south in the winter!  Ok talk about overwhelming!  I dont know if it should be like this BUT, packing for 2 even 3 (at times) is HARD work!!!  I think after this trip we will be better prepared for what we do and dont need when traveling w a child.  So far tho, we have all the bases more than covered.  Noah will go into the city tomorrow (our last official day) and get some extra pacis for Nohli, some miscellaneous items and WE ARE DONE!  Unfortunately our faithful lil PUCCI wont be joining us on this trip but maybe next time.  Nohli will surely miss her puppy.  Tia Yna Yna and Prima Noelya will be house/pet sitting for us....There are also some scheduled repairs in our building.  Its a bit scary but hopefully our "landlord" doesnt destroy our humble abode.  We will be back mid March so u guys be good, hold tight...Pics will be great when we return!  Kisses to you all, we will be sure n send some sunshine your way-wherever you are!!! xxo!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Just A Pretty Face..

As of lately the past couple of posts have been just pictures.  Well let me up update you on some of Nohli's progress.  As of now she can take naps for longer than an hour.  I gotta say I do my best to keep her on schedule but sometimes its really hard.  So I notice she automatically gets sleepy after being up for 2 or more hours.  She has a set nightime routine which helped out a great deal.  Her bed time is somewhere between 7:30-8:00pm.  She can pick things up with both hands.  She loves playing w her BoBo (pacifier) by taking it in and out of her mouth.  We have started giving her some food too.  So far yams, bananas, pear, barley cereal and rice "drink".  I know some people say that the eating and sleeping longer connection is a myth but i must say i have noticed a lil change in her since starting solids.  All for the best.  We are getting ourselves all ready for our trip w only 8 more days to go.  I must say I am a bit nervous about traveling w an infant. As we have never done this internationally before...So getting everything we need for Nohli is a bit of a challenge. So far we have most items.  We are looking for a travel bed thats lighter than the pack n play. We have baby sunscreen/block a beach tent....needing diapers and a few other knick knacks.  Maybe some baby foods...and then we are set!  Thats all for now.  Nohli is napping as i type and so i must take advantage of the free time to do some of my own packing.  For me- a new bikini will do!  xxo!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Caught on FILM

Some Pics of Nohli taking on FILM and then uploaded to the DIGI format

reflection in front of our house in Bed Stuy

Nohli admiring herself

Nohli, Indira, & Noemi

Papa leaving for work. 
It's got the feel of an old Hitchcock Horror Flick

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nohli and Jane
Spring Flowers in the back ground
Hope to see some real ones soon!

Nohli stylin' Mom's hair

Baby on my shoulders

She look like a little koala bear

12 Dayz

Monday, February 9, 2009


We got Nohli's passport in the mail this weekend. 
She is official now.
Her head looks gigantic.
Feb 24th we DR bound! And not a moment too soon.

Nohli's ticket to ride

The sweet potato monster!

Green eyes x Blue/Green/Gray/Silver ones


Block Island 
Summer 2008

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Coldest Winter

Those eyes are so so beautiful

Eating banana right off dad's finger

Nohli rocking her new DIESEL jeans (Thanks Papi and Kelly)

It's February and it FEELS like FEBRUARY.
Our DR trip can't come soon enough. It looks like Tia Jen Jen will be coming down for the whole trip. NICE! Nohli has been so much fun lately. She is turning into such a big girl. Since day one, she has always been fascinated by food. Now finally, she get to eat some herself. Her first taste was some mashed banana; which she loved. Next was some sweet potato. She munched the whole bowl. She is a natural. I think she gonna be a big foodie like her mom and dad. We got a nice routine started now. Nohli gets a bath around 7 every night. She gets so excited when she sees us getting the bath ready. After the bath, she gets ready for bed and she usually sleeping by 8. Clariza and I took DJ Jesse Felluss to the Knicks game last night (LeBron James scored 52 pts, 10 rebs, and 11 asts and Cavs won the game. It was my second time seeing LB score 50 at the Garden). Grandmama watched Nohli and she was a VERY good girl. Nohli and Pucci are officially best friends. Pucci loves to cover her with kisses (sometimes she goes a little over board). Pucci gets worried every time Nohli cries. When Pucci coming in the room, Nohli always stares and smiles. We hosted a Super Bowl party. And the Grandparents came down from NH for the party. We had a great time. Nohli stayed up late and watched the whole game.

Nohli and Grandma BuBub reading the only printed copy available of My Family/Mi Familia. Produced by Brackett Rd Publishing

                   Nohli's  first high chair. She loves it. She was so proud when we first sat her in it. It was so cute. Thank you Marilyn!!!!

Nohli and Moms gossipin'

Best Friends Forever! 
Pucci and Nohli have been bonding a lot lately. I don't know what they looking at.