Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So tired-she fell asleep on the Mama's head!
hangin w Uncle Jesse
Placing Orders at Tom's Diner
Playing w Food Early
Happy Tuesday friends!  Its a whopping 27 degrees here in Brooklyn-woo hoo!  Anyways I hope you guys have been keeping warm.  Lets get to the updates quick before Nohli catches on and wants to type too...(she loves it).  Ok so, we finally got our passports, now all we have to do is get Nohli's taken care of...soon!  Nohli has been doing alot more talking.  She does this tongue clacking sound too w her mouth.  She entertains herself alot w that!  She has gotten so much better w her nightime sleep too.  We are thinking of moving her bedtime from 9pm to 8pm..she usually gets a bath from her papa then a book reading-then food, and then lights out!  She used to get up to eat about 3 times a night but now we are down to 1 feeding about 3 or 4 hours into her sleep.  Not too bad...My next challenge is getting her to nap ALONE for more than 1 hour...Hey, they call it baby steps for a reason right?! LOL!  One afternoon last week we all went to Tom's for a late breakfast and GUS offered us a booster seat.  I instantly thought "no she doesnt need one yet" But before I could say No-My face said MAYBE?  And Gus was already installing the seat.  To much of our suprise Nohli Luved It!  I think she felt like a big girl eating at a table w her parents.   It was cute.  I guess its time to think about a high chair- boy they really do grow up so fast.  In a couple of weeks we will be introducing Nohli to sum baby food.  We probably will make our own at first.  Im thinking Yams and Banana puree...mmm!  Ive noticed Nohli really starring at our food when we eat.  She does this funny face where she either pretends to chew or talk, she does it silently so it probably means she's immitating our mouths moving up and down while we chew-amazing right?  Well...i think thats all the updates we have for now.  We plan to party it up here for SuperBowl Sunday...Uncle Jesse will be over and I think he will be rooting for the Cardinals.  I think Noah and I will be screaming STEELERS tho!  Sorry Jess!  Ok, I must run but we will be back w more SOON!  You guys keep warm! xxo!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

She Likes It, She Really Likes It!

Nohli sucking on Limes at Barrio Chino NYC

Welcome Baby Boy "EVER LINCOLN"

So excited for my good friends Aasha and Jesse who welcomed the most beautiful baby boy Ever Lincoln.  Ever was born on January 14th @ 8:50pm.  He weighed in at 7lbs 4ozs.  I want to send a special congratulations to the proud parents.  He really is a gorgeous baby boy!  We are so excited to see his developments and watch him grow up.  He is very lucky to have such wonderfully loving and talented parents.  And special shout out to his Godfather Chris Kil. Creating life is beautiful-I luv and miss you guys so much!  Cant wait for our babies to meet and play!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gearing Up

New Years Eve: The Cry Baby w cousins Noelya & Noemi
Noemi showing the Building Blocks

Veggie Bowl on Grammy's Counter in Rye
About to Blog w Ferris Bueller from www.FLuxuryB.com checkit!

Things are finally starting to settle down here at the Simo Von Ritter household...We are all in DR mode.  We have plans to travel to the motherland sometime next month.  This will be Nohli's 1st plane ride out of the country.  Last year was fun and this year is bound to be even more fun. We will have the Ritter crew with us for a few days, and even tho we are still working on the itinerary, Im sure whatever we do the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic will not disappoint.  In preparation for our big trip we have alot of cleaning up to do around here....with that being said let me update you guys on whats been going on in Nohli Rio World.  First off we got to hear Nohli actually LAUGH! Not a giggle nor a chuckle but a full on laugh.  It was all thanks to Noelya who Nohli finds quite funny.  It was prolly one of the cutest things Ive ever seen. And I was happy the whole family was there to experience it.  Nohli can also roll over on her own.  She is only days away from crawling, I can feel it.  She has once again gone up another size in Diapers.  She is now a 3! Thank you to Diane and Courtney we are putting your xmas gifts to good use!  Also after coming back home to BK from Rye we got a cold.  This was Nohli's first real cold.  She handled it pretty well actually.  I on the other hand suffered much fatigue and headaches!  Having a cold and taking care of an infant = SICKER!  Thanks to Noah for watching Nohli while I took much needed naps.  I always woke up a better person after those.  Nohli has gotten alot better with her naps too!  I started following her internal clock.  And I made some adjustments.  For one, she generally wakes up between 6am-7am so I wake up and turn on the lamp next to the bed. I change her diaper and we play for a bit.  About an hour into it I can see her start to yawn and get tired again.  So, I nurse her in bed, she falls asleep and I either stay with her or sneak out! That usually buys me about an hour and a half.  And then she's up again!  I notice she can stay up for 2 hours before she gets fussy and wants to nap again.  I usually try and repeat the morning step to some degree.  I cant always nurse her in bed but I do try n put her in bed as soon as I see she's asleep.  Its definately getting better.  And Ive been able to start my stretches and sit ups now.  All in preparation for our family vacation!  I cant wait! We are all so pale! Uhh! We also started a new low fat diet for our dinners.  Not a real diet just more veggies and less carbs!  Tomorrow we go see In The Heights on Broadway and it will be a date night.  Tia Yerania will be babysitting Nohli, should be fun!  Ok well I think thats all.  Tomorrow is a big day, we will be inheriting some Art Deco furniture pieces for much needed extra storage at our place.  Gotta clear some room for that.  As it rains right now I can say we will be having a BBQ dinner tonight.  BC a lil rain or snow never stopped us from firing up the BAR*B!!!  Steaks on the GRILL!!! Cant wait...well I do hope you all are following up w your resolutions and enjoying the new year!

Friday, January 2, 2009

2009! WE MADE IT!

Talk about a whirlwind tour. The holidays were non-stop. We started in NY. First we dined on some great eats prepared by Grandma Clara for Yerania's BIG B-day bash. Then, the next day, Christmas Eve, we ran it back. Same place. Same crew (pretty much). We eat more great food and opened a bunch of presents. After we cleaned up the mess from back to back parties in the Stuy, we packed up and headed to CT to Uncle Mike and Aunt Diane's. We ate and ate and ate. Watched the Laker's get real LUCKY (no worries, remember Game 6 last year). Shout outs to Courtney, Neal, Fiona, and Brendan as well as Aunt Diane for cooking an amazing meal and Mike for hosting (I bet you still got left overs! ha). Then we headed across the river to RI. We spent the night at Babi's.  But Babi wasn't even there. She had to be rushed to the ER late Christmas night. I think she might have been trying to avoid all her house guests. Don't worry Babi, we didn't trash the place. The next day, we drove farther north to NH, where we bearly had time to unpack the cars (we were rolling 3 cars deep) before we headed to Jane and Kordy's house for an important dinner partay. We did it big at J and K's. The next day was the Ritter's famous Christmas party. We crushed it on Brackett Rd (but there was no appearance by my buddy Officer Walsh). LEMONCELLO! Thanks to everyone who came thru. We had a few days in NH kinda of relax. Then we back to Brooklyn. But first we stopped  in RI to see Babi again. And it didn't stop there. We hosted a New Year's Eve party. So after all that cooking, cleaning, driving, wrapping, unwrapping, eating, dancing, game playing, packing, and unpacking, we made through alive, and I think Nohli had a pretty great first Christmas. We still got the tree up, but it's losing it's hair quick. We are all very excited about 2009. Nohli continues to amaze us. Watching her developing so quickly into this little person is incredible.

Gifts under the tree at Decatur St

Nohli's first gift of her first Christmas (the first of many, many gifts)

Papa's first gift of Christmas

Moms digging into her stocking

More fam. More gifts

GrandMama gets a beautiful signed Nohli Rio head shot

Live from the Von Ritter Christmas Party 08

Noelya and Nohli all strapped in

Some of Papa's oldest friends.
Carey- Good looks on driving 3 hours
Triple B The GodFather- Hope you liked your Christmas present I gave you at Spinaker PT

Nohli passed out in Jane's arms.
Jane and Kordy know how to throw a partay!
Thanks for the MaMoo!

About to open presents for like the third time. 
Noelya played Santa (kind of)

Nohli opening gifts in at her grandparents house.
Nohli like half chef, half Ruski. So Cute!

Nohli meets her other grandpa, Antonio who made the trip up from Monti Cristi, DR
Wish we could go back with him, but we gotta wait til Feb

We made a stop at Babi's on the way back to NY.
Nohli was very happy that Babi was feeling better.
We had a great time hangin out with her
There's even a rumor that Babi is moving to Brooklyn! Ha
See you soon

Clariza taking the EASY way up on Babi's "space ship"

A New Year's Kiss from Mom

Jen Jen came down for the NYE party
Glad she made the trip!

Noelya and Jen Jen shinning before the party started

Bringing the New Year in by sipping on some champagne 

We taking it easy this weekend!