Saturday, October 31, 2009

SpooKy & KooKy

Today is Halloween in the Big Apple & we are certainly off to a great start weather wise.  Our neighborhood has so much going on today.  There's storytime @ the Brownstone Bookstore, and theyre having a costume contest.  Pumpkin Carvings at the Flower Shop, a Costume Party at the local Elementary School & alas a Trick or Treating Tour thats going on Tonight.  We were so torn on what to we decided to take up a friends invitation.  We will be attending a kiddie costume house party, followed by a group trick or treating tour.  Manolo will be missing out on Halloween this year, so Nohli will be sure to have enuff fun for 2!  We are a lil sad to be missing out on the Portsmouth Halloween Parade, but because of Manolo we cant be doing too much straying from home.  He is considered a full term baby, so his arrival can come at any time these days.  Tho his official due date isnt until 11/17/09.  Well here are some pictures from last night's pumpkin carving adventure. We will be sure to post some costume party ones a lil later.  Enjoy, and please be safe!.....

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Finding new best friends @ IKEA

Loving the RAIN on Christie St.

Like Hef she stays in her loungewear

Guitar Styles

With such crazy weather u gotta be prepared

Happy 10 years Brooklyn Birthing Center

Nohli & Papa @ the BBC

"I think I'll use this balloon as a weapon"

Sharing is Caring

Always a cheerful & pleasant young lady

Nohli & Noah (yumna & Moe's son)

Making an instrument out of blocks

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Whirlwind THRU Cities

Been a while
I let the pics speak
Nolo coming so so soon!