Thursday, July 2, 2009

The 10th Month!

Hello readers!  I know you guys have prolly been wondering where has the mama been?  Well, ive been very occupied.  As you all may or may not know, A Mother's work is never done!  Being a stay at home mom is the hardest job i have ever had.  Luckily for me, i have such a great partner and a wonderful support system.  Our caring and loving N.H family is a great help aswell.  Well so far we are in early July although most of us still feel like its April or May.  The rain has taken over our summer!  We have not let that stop us !!!  We have continued with our travels and Nohli even attended her 1st wedding.  Congrats to Michela & Tyler.  We are planning another trip up to Rye, NH this weekend to celebrate the 4th of July.  This will be Nohli's first time  watching the fireworks outside the belly.  I know theyll be loud so I hope she doesnt freak out.  Now...for the progress report.  She is now 10 months old!  At the beginning of her 9th month she started using her pointers.  She uses them to grab things and to point to things.  She has been standing up and getting around by using furniture n people as her crutch.  She has also stood up for seconds at a time w.o holding on.  Progress!  Aside from the two bottom teeth she has had,  she is also getting her 4 top teeth.  She has been eating all sorts of food.  Most recently for bkfst she has began to eat Yogurt w berries.  She loves her some berries!!!  She also had home made strawberry/banana pancakes n tia jen jen shared her french toast w her on our visit to "Noah's" Restaurant in the beautiful Borough of Stonington, CT.  
As of right now, it seems as tho everyday is filled with a new achievement and a new adventure.  It never slows down around here!  The end of next month will be NOHLI's 1st BIRTHDAY, so plans are in the works for that.....well Im sure ive missed lots but its all i have time for right now.  As always thanks for reading, and please dont forget to COMMENT! xxo!!! CNN 

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Patricia said...

't believe she is almost a year!! You are right about it being the hardest job but you guys are raising a wonderful little girl. Can't wait to see you all again.
grandma pat