Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Slipping AWAY

1 YEAR Birthday coming up QUICK
AUGUST 29th (Michael Jackson's BDAY as well)

Nohli loves flower. Roses and Daisy's are her favorites

Nohli waiting for mom on the chess board

Nohli got a BIG appetite.  She like to eat paper, leather, plastic, shoes, keys, wood, some rocks, and see eats lot of fruit too

Attack of the PASTA

It hasn't been a REAL hot summer.  Thank GOD, we don't have AC.  
Sometimes on hot days, Nohli like to play in the sprinkler in the back yard.

Another 1 of Nohli's favorite places is the frig. She just cools out, and chills.
She also tries to eat things.
And sometime she puts things in there too. We find them weeks later.

We finally went to target and got her a kiddy pool.  This was her 1st time in it.
We threw some rose pedals in.

Nohli and Mia dance in the kitchen.  
Nohli loves music. 
Her favorite songs are probably TV commercial jiggles. Baskin Robbins ICE CREAM & CAKE and Optium CABLE top the list

Nohli in the POOL

She loves her duckie's too.

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