Sunday, October 25, 2009


Finding new best friends @ IKEA

Loving the RAIN on Christie St.

Like Hef she stays in her loungewear

Guitar Styles

With such crazy weather u gotta be prepared

Happy 10 years Brooklyn Birthing Center

Nohli & Papa @ the BBC

"I think I'll use this balloon as a weapon"

Sharing is Caring

Always a cheerful & pleasant young lady

Nohli & Noah (yumna & Moe's son)

Making an instrument out of blocks


martha lilian said...

Is that the enormous stuffed doggy from IKEA? Because if it is, I may have bought it for myself when I moved into my last apartment.

Patricia said...

I love those new pics. she is so cute.
We miss her lots!!
She looks like sshe has grown since you were here!