Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Best of Both Worlds


Chilling on the Greenest Block in Brooklyn

Leaving Tom's Diner

Supporting the Cause

Downtown Market Square
Portsmouth, NH

Every votes counts (even if you sleep through it)

I have to start off by saying that Nohli is one lucky baby. And i am a very lucky auntie because i just got to spend almost 6 days with her; half in NH and half in NY. The Simo von Ritter family came up to Rye last thursday to help out with the leaky roof, cast a vote in a swing state, and most importantly have quality time with the grandparents. I think nohli really enjoys getting back to her small town roots. She was able to participate in the annual Portsmouth Halloween parade (she wanted me to let everyone know she is very proud of her mom for getting quoted in the Portsmouth Herald), she helped her grandmother rake leaves and prepare the gardens for a long new england winter, she spent time enjoying the beautiful new hampshire coastline with her parents, and her proud papa was able to introduce her to many of his friends from the past. Its hard to beat a weekend in rye. After a delicious and reasonably priced lobster dinner on sunday night, Nohli, her mom and dad, Pucci and myself piled into the passat wagon for the long drive back to brooklyn. We got in late so i wasn't really able to see the neighborhood but i loved the apartment. Monday we ate breakfast at Tom's. The pumpkin walnut waffles with cinnamon butter were amazing. Nohli is pretty popular there, too. Noah went off to the big city to sell some buildings and the girls hung out at home. We took nohli for a walk around the neighborhood. She was very aware and loved looking around at the trees and big buildings. Noah and Clariza cooked a wonderful dinner while i held little nohli. Tuesday was a BIG day; Election Day. Yerania met us and we went to fort greene so clariza could vote. There was so much energy in the city. It was very exciting. We all had our photos taken for an art show and maybe a book documenting voters. After shopping for some stylish clothes for me in williamsburg, we met noah back at the apartment. We watched the map of the US as it turned blue for a little bit and then headed to the city for pizza at lasso. It was a late night, listening to Obama speak as the president elect was pretty amazing. Nohli slept through it but someday she'll realize that she was a part of an historic moment. She sleeps through most things anyways (i included a list below). So for the first time i actually wasn't ready to leave New York City after two days. I'm glad my niece shared her little piece of Brooklyn with me. I'll be back soon. Nohli is lucky to be able to experience the best of both worlds, country life in Rye where she can play in the woods and go to the beach, and big city life where she can walk through diverse neighborhoods and someday eat at really great restaurants. When she's old enough to realize how good she has it, I know she'll appreciate it all . Here's a shout out to Noah and Clariza for being wonderful hosts! Thanks for everything...

things that Nohli slept through over the last few days

1.) the halloween parade
2.) my wedding makeover
3.) a delicious lobster dinner
4.) her mom voting for barack obama
5.) her first model shoot
6.) eating breakfast at toms
7.) eating pizza at lasso
8.) red velvet cake
9.) shopping for me in williamsburg
10.) the first african american being elected as president of the united states!!!!!!

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