Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Like Grains of Sand Thru an Hour Glass (but way way faster!)

It's been a while since Nohli was last seen on the web.
No worries guys, she didn't forget about you all, but she just been crazy busy.
Her 3 month BDAY is coming up on Friday
WOW. The time goes by fast. I feel like that's the most played out thing parents say
"Enjoy this age, it won't last" or "Just wait until she is crawling" or "I wish they would stay this age forever" or "I remember when (fill it their child's name) was that small, or that cute, or was a girl but everyone thought she was a boy" 
Parents are ALWAYS talking about how quickly their children grew up.
But damn, I'm already saying things like "I remember when she fit into that" or "I feel like only yesterday her feet were here, and now they hang all the way down here"
Nohli has officially doubled in weight since her birth.
The holidays is coming up quick.
We out. Nap Time.

Nemi holding her lil doll

Stuntin like her cuzins

Mark (freshly back from Alaska), Mama, Nohli, and George

Nohli at Cairo's house

Jen Jen and some model at the Red Door (Portsmouth, NH)
Jen Jen is soooo HOT right now!

Boy Boy and Boy Dad

She bounce like a ball player

CEOah and lil CEOah
At the Seacoast Science Center

See Thru Windows
Nohli getting ready to hit SoHo

WWF with the new BFFs

Even when she sleeping, she got that cabbage on the mind
(Yes, that's a big big cabbage)

Nohli's first live basketball game
(She was 1 rebound short of a Triple Double)

Nohli and her favorite basketball player 

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Jen said...

yay its back... it has been a while. i love all the pictures. i think i may have been the star of this one. we just have to do something about my red eye. i love you guys. can't wait to see you at thanksgiving.