Thursday, December 11, 2008


Early Morning bonding by the fire w POPs

Happy Holiday everybody!  We have been super busy lately.  We have so much to do in such a short amount of time.  We are already into December and it feels as tho Thanksgiving was just last week-uuuhhhh!!!!  So far its been 3 weeks since Nohli got her ears pierced.  In another week we will be able to remove her starters and put in her real earrings! WooHoo!  They seemed to have healed rather quickly w no problems what so ever.  So i would definately recommend getting your baby's ears pierced YOUNG!  Today was a rainy and windy day in the big apple.  Our lil family cruised around downtown Manhattan running errands w papa and then picking up some things for Nohli at Babies R Us.  We have gone up one more size in the seventh generation diapers.  Nohli is now a size 2!  "They grow up so quick" Yes! They sure do!!! The next couple days will be busy too.  We are getting our (long awaited) couch tomorrow, we have to get our Xmas Tree!  Not to mention our landlord who is forever renovating EVERYTHING-is having some pipe work done from within OUR apt. Soon our beautiful kitchen will be a construction zone!  I just pray all the work is done before Yerania's bday on the 23rd.  Which we will be hosting here!!!! OohyVey!!! Well my head os spinning, our baby is sleeping and Im about to have some tea!
List of things to Do
12/23 Host Yerania's Bday Dinner
12/24 Host Christmas Eve Celebration/Dinner
12/25 Go to R.I and see Family
12/26 Go to NH
12/27 Host annual Holiday Party
to be continued...

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