Friday, December 19, 2008

Papa's Back on the 'Net

Nohli loves the new couch.  I've been impressed with the way spit-up seems to bounce right off the couch.  Good looks scotch guard!

Pucci has been acting a little weird lately.  I think she is finally starting to get jealous of Nohli. She has also become kind obsessed with Nohli's car seat, every time Pucci gets in the car, she jumps in the back, and right into the car seat.

Nohli and Moms putting the Christmas tree up. We got our tree down on Atlantic and Flatbush. We decorated it with red lights and gold balls. Straight GUCCI, baby.

Me and Nohli watching the basketball game in our PJays

2 Beautiful ladies at Pirate's Cove Beach

The Young CEOs and grand parents

Wearing Moms new scarf

Nohli's first gift of her first Christmas.
Thanks Gillian!


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