Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gearing Up

New Years Eve: The Cry Baby w cousins Noelya & Noemi
Noemi showing the Building Blocks

Veggie Bowl on Grammy's Counter in Rye
About to Blog w Ferris Bueller from checkit!

Things are finally starting to settle down here at the Simo Von Ritter household...We are all in DR mode.  We have plans to travel to the motherland sometime next month.  This will be Nohli's 1st plane ride out of the country.  Last year was fun and this year is bound to be even more fun. We will have the Ritter crew with us for a few days, and even tho we are still working on the itinerary, Im sure whatever we do the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic will not disappoint.  In preparation for our big trip we have alot of cleaning up to do around here....with that being said let me update you guys on whats been going on in Nohli Rio World.  First off we got to hear Nohli actually LAUGH! Not a giggle nor a chuckle but a full on laugh.  It was all thanks to Noelya who Nohli finds quite funny.  It was prolly one of the cutest things Ive ever seen. And I was happy the whole family was there to experience it.  Nohli can also roll over on her own.  She is only days away from crawling, I can feel it.  She has once again gone up another size in Diapers.  She is now a 3! Thank you to Diane and Courtney we are putting your xmas gifts to good use!  Also after coming back home to BK from Rye we got a cold.  This was Nohli's first real cold.  She handled it pretty well actually.  I on the other hand suffered much fatigue and headaches!  Having a cold and taking care of an infant = SICKER!  Thanks to Noah for watching Nohli while I took much needed naps.  I always woke up a better person after those.  Nohli has gotten alot better with her naps too!  I started following her internal clock.  And I made some adjustments.  For one, she generally wakes up between 6am-7am so I wake up and turn on the lamp next to the bed. I change her diaper and we play for a bit.  About an hour into it I can see her start to yawn and get tired again.  So, I nurse her in bed, she falls asleep and I either stay with her or sneak out! That usually buys me about an hour and a half.  And then she's up again!  I notice she can stay up for 2 hours before she gets fussy and wants to nap again.  I usually try and repeat the morning step to some degree.  I cant always nurse her in bed but I do try n put her in bed as soon as I see she's asleep.  Its definately getting better.  And Ive been able to start my stretches and sit ups now.  All in preparation for our family vacation!  I cant wait! We are all so pale! Uhh! We also started a new low fat diet for our dinners.  Not a real diet just more veggies and less carbs!  Tomorrow we go see In The Heights on Broadway and it will be a date night.  Tia Yerania will be babysitting Nohli, should be fun!  Ok well I think thats all.  Tomorrow is a big day, we will be inheriting some Art Deco furniture pieces for much needed extra storage at our place.  Gotta clear some room for that.  As it rains right now I can say we will be having a BBQ dinner tonight.  BC a lil rain or snow never stopped us from firing up the BAR*B!!!  Steaks on the GRILL!!! Cant wait...well I do hope you all are following up w your resolutions and enjoying the new year!

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