Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So tired-she fell asleep on the Mama's head!
hangin w Uncle Jesse
Placing Orders at Tom's Diner
Playing w Food Early
Happy Tuesday friends!  Its a whopping 27 degrees here in Brooklyn-woo hoo!  Anyways I hope you guys have been keeping warm.  Lets get to the updates quick before Nohli catches on and wants to type too...(she loves it).  Ok so, we finally got our passports, now all we have to do is get Nohli's taken care of...soon!  Nohli has been doing alot more talking.  She does this tongue clacking sound too w her mouth.  She entertains herself alot w that!  She has gotten so much better w her nightime sleep too.  We are thinking of moving her bedtime from 9pm to 8pm..she usually gets a bath from her papa then a book reading-then food, and then lights out!  She used to get up to eat about 3 times a night but now we are down to 1 feeding about 3 or 4 hours into her sleep.  Not too bad...My next challenge is getting her to nap ALONE for more than 1 hour...Hey, they call it baby steps for a reason right?! LOL!  One afternoon last week we all went to Tom's for a late breakfast and GUS offered us a booster seat.  I instantly thought "no she doesnt need one yet" But before I could say No-My face said MAYBE?  And Gus was already installing the seat.  To much of our suprise Nohli Luved It!  I think she felt like a big girl eating at a table w her parents.   It was cute.  I guess its time to think about a high chair- boy they really do grow up so fast.  In a couple of weeks we will be introducing Nohli to sum baby food.  We probably will make our own at first.  Im thinking Yams and Banana puree...mmm!  Ive noticed Nohli really starring at our food when we eat.  She does this funny face where she either pretends to chew or talk, she does it silently so it probably means she's immitating our mouths moving up and down while we chew-amazing right?  Well...i think thats all the updates we have for now.  We plan to party it up here for SuperBowl Sunday...Uncle Jesse will be over and I think he will be rooting for the Cardinals.  I think Noah and I will be screaming STEELERS tho!  Sorry Jess!  Ok, I must run but we will be back w more SOON!  You guys keep warm! xxo!!!

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Patricia said...

so glad the sleeping is better. We can't wait to see you guys. She looks so big sitting at Tom's!!!
hugs to all!
grandma pat