Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Just A Pretty Face..

As of lately the past couple of posts have been just pictures.  Well let me up update you on some of Nohli's progress.  As of now she can take naps for longer than an hour.  I gotta say I do my best to keep her on schedule but sometimes its really hard.  So I notice she automatically gets sleepy after being up for 2 or more hours.  She has a set nightime routine which helped out a great deal.  Her bed time is somewhere between 7:30-8:00pm.  She can pick things up with both hands.  She loves playing w her BoBo (pacifier) by taking it in and out of her mouth.  We have started giving her some food too.  So far yams, bananas, pear, barley cereal and rice "drink".  I know some people say that the eating and sleeping longer connection is a myth but i must say i have noticed a lil change in her since starting solids.  All for the best.  We are getting ourselves all ready for our trip w only 8 more days to go.  I must say I am a bit nervous about traveling w an infant. As we have never done this internationally before...So getting everything we need for Nohli is a bit of a challenge. So far we have most items.  We are looking for a travel bed thats lighter than the pack n play. We have baby sunscreen/block a beach tent....needing diapers and a few other knick knacks.  Maybe some baby foods...and then we are set!  Thats all for now.  Nohli is napping as i type and so i must take advantage of the free time to do some of my own packing.  For me- a new bikini will do!  xxo!!!

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