Sunday, February 22, 2009

BonVoyage- Its a Baby On a Plane!

Just a few more hours and we are off!  Its been real cold weather...Like the birds we too fly south in the winter!  Ok talk about overwhelming!  I dont know if it should be like this BUT, packing for 2 even 3 (at times) is HARD work!!!  I think after this trip we will be better prepared for what we do and dont need when traveling w a child.  So far tho, we have all the bases more than covered.  Noah will go into the city tomorrow (our last official day) and get some extra pacis for Nohli, some miscellaneous items and WE ARE DONE!  Unfortunately our faithful lil PUCCI wont be joining us on this trip but maybe next time.  Nohli will surely miss her puppy.  Tia Yna Yna and Prima Noelya will be house/pet sitting for us....There are also some scheduled repairs in our building.  Its a bit scary but hopefully our "landlord" doesnt destroy our humble abode.  We will be back mid March so u guys be good, hold tight...Pics will be great when we return!  Kisses to you all, we will be sure n send some sunshine your way-wherever you are!!! xxo!!!

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