Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Nohli's First Trip to Miami

We were all getting sick of the crazy weather in New York, 
so we decided to head South. Jet-Blue hooked us up with some cheap tickets and Christy opened up her house for us. 
We flew down to West Palm Beach. 
Lil Mikey Harding picked us up at the airport.  We went straight to JOHN G's for some lunch.

Then we headed south on 95 to South Beach.  
We were lucky enough to stay at Christy's Belle Island apartment.  Nohli got to meet her Tia Christy for the first time. They are now best friends.  
We BBQed  some steaks and watched the sunset. 

The next day on got breakfast on Lincoln Rd.  Christy left for a party on the west coast.  Nolhi, Mike, Clariza, and me hit the beach.

We spent the next we days for chilling out and relaxing.

Hanging on at the new Jet Blue terminal

Nohli chewing on a domino on South Beach

We had some trouble finding a pool for Nohli.  
It seems South Beach is more of a playground for adults than kids. Ha. 
The pool we usually sneak into at The Standard doesn't allow babies near the pool. 
We tried some hotel pools on the strip and we were denied every time. Thank God for my homey Noel, he let Nohli come splash around his pool at The Flamingo. The water was so perfect Mama even took a dip.

Nohli and the downtown Miami skyline

More swimming

And more

Nohli loved the playground especially the swing

Tia Christy eating Nohli

Nohli hangin with the boys
West Palm Beach

2 Beautiful ladies

The Fam at John G's

Nohli on Christy balcony

Nana and Papa on Belle Island

Nohli w/ the HUG LIFE crew
One of my favorite pics!
On the way to the beach

Passed out! Nohli sleeping good. 

It was a nice trip. 
Now we ready to enjoy some real spring in NYC

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Patricia said...

She is so cute, so cute, so cute. Miss you, and can't wait to see you.