Friday, April 10, 2009

The Final Act: Monte Cristi


With the trip in its last leg, there was still one last get-away: Monte Cristi, the birthplace of Clariza, the HomeLand, where it all started (Thanks, Monte Cristi).  
We filled the car, strapped in the baby to our DR car seat (hope she gets some use since we left), and headed west on the #1.  It was 2 drive to Monte Cristi through some rowdy towns.  

We got to MC safely. 
First thing we did was meet Clariza's cousin, Ivan, and then head to our Hostel.  
We were staying at the Hostel San Fernando at the foot of  El Morro.  The minute we got to our room, Nohli had to be changed, she had a monster Dominican poop.  Soo Stinky! It took 3 people to clean it.  We didn't love our rooms. So we changed rooms.  Then we drank and ate. And passed out (well,  actually we played dominos and drank Brugal. DomiNoah!).

The next day, Clara and Ivan were going to see the fam in Los Conucos.  We were hitting the beach.  
Nohli decided to go with Grandma. 
 It was her first trip without Mom & Dad.  She behaved beautiful for Grandma.  The beach was great too.  The waves were mucho powerful.

We all went to Los Conucos, the next day.  We had lunch at Tia Eva's house. 
 Lots of people came to meet Nohli.  
Then we walked down a few houses to Nohli's Great-Grand Nana.  
Nana was very happy to see her.

Nohli on a motorcyle.  She left Mom and Dad for a day trip with Clara & Ivan

Nohli is officially the best baby traveler I've seen.

3 hour Flight JFK to Santiago (and back): PERFECT!
2 hour Bus to the the capital : An angel!
7 hour Bus to Punta Cana: She the life of the party!
And numerous 2 to 3 hours drive in the car seating: Just QUIETLY takin it all in!

I think she is ready for her first WEST COAST trip sooon!
(LA & SF + Napa, See U Soon)

Nohli and her Great-Grandma

Nohli and BoBo in BoBo's back yard

The best lil co-pilot and NASCAR's finest CEOah

In the Back Yard with Tio Juan
Donde esta Faustino?

The Greenest block in Los Conucos

Clap your hands. Clap your hands.

Nohli at the B-Ball courts with Ivan

JenJen and Nohli checking out the back yard for great-grandmas.
The Best Cock Fighting Club in town was right next door.
If you there on Sunday, there like 50 motorcylces out front.

3 Generations 

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Jen said...

You should post some pics of the beach... also you didn't mention the night that tia jen jen dominated the domino game.