Friday, April 3, 2009



After the 2 hour bus ride from Santa Domingo to Santiago, we relaxed and ate chicken. Jenny was due in 8pm.  When we checked flights on Jet Blue, we realized there was a big storm dumping on the Northeast. Nooo!  We prayed Jen's flight wouldn't be canceled.

Hanging out on the balcony at Granma's house

Joselito and Nohli

Jen Jen somehow made it out of JFK, but she was 2 hours late. We greeted her at the airport.  We weren't even that mad at her.  Clara, of course, had a nice hot plate of food waiting for her at home.  We all fell asleep to the sound of motorcyles and drums.

The next morning, we unpacked and repacked our bags, and headed east in Clara's Honda CR-V.  I drove. It took us about 5 hours.  We stopped once, and ate by Nagua.  The last 45 minutes of the drive we zig-zagged over a good-sized mountain.  Nohli was amazing once again.  She seems to be adapting well to life on the road. We reached Las Terrenas and checked into our hotel.  The place was nice. We were a little disappointed not to be staying at the hotel we stayed at last year (They doubled their prices. Get out of HERE). 
Las Terrenas is actually where we first told Granma Clara she was going to be a grandmother again  (for the 3rd time).  
The weather was a bit cloudy but we took Nohli down to the beach.

When we returned, Clara had cooked a master piece.  We ate soo good EVERY night, and we never ate out.  It doesn't get any better.

Una cena tipica  by Clara

Mama and Nana

Jen Jen and Nohli were best friends the whole trip

Our lil surfer girl hits the beach even on a cloudy day

 Put the tongue in the coconut....

Looking into Jenny's mind as she ponders her next move in Dominos

Still eating that $5 coconut. Ha

Our first day in Las Terrenas

Nohli got attacked by some mosquitos.  She looked like she got beat-up for a few days. 
Still Cute though!

Nohli reading to Papa

The fam in the Mirror

Coffee with the lil turtle


Patricia said...

Looks like a fabulous trip. We will be there next year!!!

Nohli Rio said...

thanks for your comment. Nohli luv when her grandparents comment. We look fwd to next years great trip as well!