Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grandma BuBuB's FIRST Post

Easter weekend at the Simo von Ritters'

Noah and Clariza invited their NH country family for a weekend in the big city. It is always difficult to get Pops to drive in the traffic of the city, but little Nohli and her wonderful parents make the trip more than worth it. We decided to drive in on Saturday instead of our usual Friday night. It was a much better trip (even in the rain) and we did not get lost once! Noah even had a parking place right in front of the apartment!!

It is alway so exciting to see Nohli after a couple weeks of her growing. She was sitting up in her high chair, but when we got there, she began to smile and clap her hands. I think she is beginning to know us. She is such a happy good natured little girl. We are lucky to get to spend the weekend with Nohli and her Fam.

As soon as the rain stopped, Nohli took a walk with her loving grandparents and even stayed awake to share the sights of Bed Stuy with us. Tia JenJen was joining us after her job interview in Boston. We decided to wait for her for dinner, but little Nohli needed her bath and bed. Now she sits in the little tub by herself. Her motor skills are improving as she plays with her toys, esp her BOBO. She still loves to have her mama put her to sleep but i know there will be a day soon when I can do it.

As always there was tasty meal prepared by the duo Chefs, Noah and Clariza. On Easter morning the sun shone brightly. Nohli got dressed up to go the church with her Grandma. Pops and Tia Jen decided to come too. After a short walk we found a beautiful church that looked like a cathedral in Europe. Nohli quickly made friends with everyone around her, and when the music started she clapped her hands and almost tried to dance. She must have her Mom's moves! After we all sang "This little light of mine" and all that clapping and singing, she fell fast asleep in her Pops arms. When we looked over at her, sleeping like a little angel, there was a tear in her Pop's eye.

She woke up for the walk home and took another little nap to get ready for the next event. Noyela and Greg came for easter dinner, another feast prepared by our awesome hosts. After dinner there was a walk to the park to play a little hoop and baseball. I think Nohli can't wait til she gets to play too. A busy day, books, and a bath and back to bed.

The next morning we wanted to try out a new place for breakfast--Food for Thought, but it was closed, so we went to everyone's favorite, Tom's. Nohli sat right up in her little booster eyeing all the food. She tasted a little waffle and hash browns. Ummm, good! As always , she flirted with those around her. One lady even thought she should be the new Gerber baby!! It's always hard to say Good bye, but we needed to get back. Until their next NH visit, we will have to keep checking the blog to see and hear all the Adventures of a Brooklyn Babe. We are so happy to be a part of her adventures.

THANKS for the words, BuBuB!

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