Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bless You!

Sunday was Cairo's Blessing. Noah, Nohli and I didnt make it to the ceremony. But, we did attend the brunch at Flatbush FarmHouse. It was nice seeing all the close friends and family celebrating for Cairo. Luckily we arrived at the restaurant right before everyone else did. I got to kiss and hug all my friends. First thing they all asked was "Where's Nohli?"....It was nice. A very good way to have people meet her too...After a few Cheers we finally got to eat our food. We were starved! We were NOT impressed with our food BUT the FRIES were SLAMIN! LOL! Anyway, Nohli was very well behaved, sleeping most of the time. She received many compliments on her beauty. Many comments on how much she looked like her papa. It was sweet!
Ally Bees had a cute present for Nohli. It was an adorable pink knit HELLO KITTY dress. Cant wait for her to wear it! After the brunch we got a ride home from Ian Vanessa and Cairo. It was a nice family affair.

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cairo's mommy! said...

Aww - Cai Cai loved having his lil' couz Nohli there in support of his big day! Thnx for coming out! Can't wait to see Nohli rock her Hello Kitty! xoxo C I V