Friday, October 17, 2008


Nohli is not one of these nerdy bloggers that over post.
Here is some pics that slipped thru the cracks over the last 2 weeks

Jamil and Nohli at LOLLI (JR coming soon!)

Moma, Lil Big Bird, and Nohli (Back at the birth center for her 3rd time)

Tia Jen Jen and Nohli

The Bollmeyer Girls (Barbara, Krazy Karen, and Nelly) with Moms and Nohli

Nohli hangin with her new orange friends.  They roll deep.

Pucci aka The Black Fox (Still the first child and a great big sis)

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Jen said...

yay, i made it on the blog. can't wait to se my little turtle on halloween.. oh and you guys too.