Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The growth of knowledge depends entirely on disagreement. Karl R. Popper (1902-1994)

Today was Nohli's 3rd visit to the pediatrician.  As always I fear the visits.  Not bc of a diagnostic fear but bc of the subject of vaccination.  We are up in arms about this vaccines business.  You read things all the time, on the news, on blogs, in health magazines etc...You just dont know.  Our generation has so many more outlets of information than past generations did.  Before you did what your doctor said.  the medical field was never one you questioned.  Research, Testing, and Malpractice suits later- you dont know what to believe.  Our pediatrician is a pretty cool doctor.  He's a bit old school, but he's hip on new ways of thinking.  He suggested we pick up a couple books to help us make a more educated decision on the direction we wanted to go in as far as vaccinating Nohli.  Pat got us Dr.Sear's Vaccine book.  I read it front to back and found it pretty easy to read and understand.  Its pretty basic.  Tells you the vaccines that are "required" what they are for, when they should be administered.  Why u need them, whats in them and possible side affects.  He gives u his opinion about each one.  Keep in mind he lets u know early on he agrees with the AAP.  So he never actually says "dont give that vaccine"  On each visit our DR suggest a scheduled vaccine.  So far we have declined each time...I feel like we are running out of time.  I think I will try n do a bit more research b4 our next visit.   On more pleasant news, we are happy to report that at almost 9weeks of age Nohli came in weighing 12lbs! and 24"  She is healthy and growing rapidly!
Tomorrow we leave for NH.  We are spending Halloween in Rye.  Going to a parade and trick-or-treating on Friday!!  This is Nohli's 1st Halloween and already she has a costume ready.  I wont tell u what it is, but I will give you a clue ITS GREEN!  check back for pix from that.  
I would like to say thank you to all the friends and family who have been reading and commenting on the blog.  And a very special shout out to our friends Aasha and Jesse in LA who are expecting their first child in just a few weeks!  We luv u guys n wish you all the best! xxo!!!

Last night Nohli watched the the Celts (the Champs) play the Cavs in the first game of the season.  It was also her first basketball game (many more to follow).

Just a typical night at the Simo Von Ritter's. 
Papa CEOah, Nohli, and King James 

The Turtle and The Monkey
BFFs for life!


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