Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sling To The Rescue

As I mentioned in the previous post last night was not very tranquil in our household...Noah stayed up with Nohli most of the night as I still had the killer headache. I ended up taking another 2 tylenol EXTRA STRENGTH early this of right now I have some ache lingering around my head. Not so bad tho. I got up about an hour and a half ago to feed Nohli. After her morning feedings she "normally" will go back to sleep with her papa and Pucci and I will get up and eat breakfast, check the computer do some chores etc...Today however that was not gonna happen. The babe gets what the babe wants! Our pediatrician Dr.J Gough says at this early stage we must adhere to the baby's demands. He advices to never let a baby cry. You must anticipate a baby's every move, need and want. EASIER SAID THAN DONE!!!!! I have to admit, I hate hate hate to hear a baby cry! If our babe cries I try my hardest to figure out why she's crying and calm her down. But sometimes that just doesnt work. Nohli is a great baby. For the first 2 weeks she didnt cry ONCE! She was sooo laid back (just like Noah) and she slept for ages! Once we moved to our new home, things completely changed. It may be a coincidence because I hear that at this stage (she's 4 1/2 weeks old) babies can show signs of COLIC and grow extremely fussy...Their vocal cords and lungs must get super strong too bc this lil girl can really hit some high notes. Maybe she'll have a great singing voice? Anyway-as I type this she is laying in her sling on me. Im sitting at the glider with the laptop on my LAP, and she is sleeping....I once babysat this adorable lil girl named Paris. She was the adopted daughter of a flight attendant. Paris was just under a year old and her mom didnt have a stroller for her, just a sling. It was the first time I had seen such a thing. I took Paris to the Beverly Center (mall) once and used the sling. It was fabulous! I luved it! From that day on I thought-if I ever have a baby Im getting a sling! I have 2 slings now! I should really say SO! Our very first sling we received at our Rye, N.H babyshower. It was a gift from Nohli's grandparents Patricia and Wayne. I wore that sling to take Nohli on her very first outing after being born. We ventured ONE whole block to our local supermarket. There was the annual West Indian parade going on and she just slept the whole time. I go on on a daily basis and there I found a site for slings They have awesome slings at reasonable prices. We found a reversible FLEECE sling (for the colder seasons) in lavender/grey that is just a life saver! Nohli is laying in it right now cozy and warm! Since using the sling I have come across many concerns from different people. There are the stroller people who just think that Slings are weird and dangerous. There are the Baby BJorn users who think the baby needs to be upright at all times.....My 79 yr old aunt thinks the baby is uncomfortable and being in such positions will hinder her bone development. Is that really possible? I'll tell you one thing. We own the Bugaboo Frog, The Baby BJorn and a couple of slings....The sling can be used around the house and outside the house. The Bjorn is great for Noah to use, its adjustable in size. The stroller is great to take on walks, especially in rainy weather and under SUNNY weather. Although Nohli (at this stage) really does NOT like lying FLAT on her back...For me the sling is the best option! I highly recommend giving it a try. Besides in your belly, its the 2nd best way to carry your precious lil bundle....

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