Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Overstimulating Rye

Nohli with her papa and her grandparents
At the Pumpkin Patch with mama and grandmama

Its already Wednesday!  This week is just flying by.  This weekend was quite eventful for us.  And by "us" I mean, Nohli, Noah, Myself, My Mom, Indira, Noelya, Noemi, Alcatraz, Wayne, Patricia, and Jen Jen...oh yeah and lets not forget Pucci, Martini and Bella!  We left Friday at about 12:30pm (from BK).  Traffic was SO BAD that it took us about 7hrs instead of 4.5hrs to get to Rye, NH.  It was the worse traffic we have ever come across in all our New England travels.  Nohli and Pucci behaved very well the whole 7hr car ride up there.  Noah and I were very impressed with our lil girl!  It was so nice to have the grandparents and aunties and cousins together under one very large!  We had some great dinners again.  And since the lobster prices have gone to $3.99 for 1pound lobsters we had to have a lobster dinner!  It was yummy.  Noah's ROSEMARY BUTTER really gives the lobster an amazing flavor.  Noelya felt bad about seeing the lobsters alive and then eating them so she passed on the food.  But then after hearing the lip smacking at the table she requested some lobster and LUVED IT!  
Nohli went for a few walks with her grandparents Patricia and Wayne...they also watched her one night as us kids went to downtown Portsmouth for some drinks and darts at the Coat of Arms.  We met up with Godfather Bradley there too!  It was fun.  I had forgotten how yummy the Jameson and Gingers are.  But only ONE for me! LOL!  Anyways- we also visited the outlets in Kittery and the Pumpkin Patch at the church lawn in Portsmouth. It was great seeing Georgeanna and Elsie as always...So much happened-Im gonna have to include another post later on with more pix.... 


Patricia said...

Love the pictures. it was such a fun weekend. It is nice to have the Ritter and simo family together!!!

Arianna said...

OMG stop!! the pumpkin patch!!!
Love love love you all!!

Nohli Rio said...

Simo Von Ritter! The Simo family luvs the Ritter family ALOT!