Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fussy Daze

Yesterday was not a very eventful day...the weather was pretty strange.  It was a cool 70 degrees and then it began to rain.  Nohli and Pucci did not take their daily walk around the neighborhood.  But today is a new day, it seems sunny and clear and although its definately FALL out, it seems like a very pleasant day for a stroll.  Nohli was very fussy all day yesterday and last night was even worse!  Noah stayed up with her most of the night.  For some reason I had the strongest headache yesterday.  I was unable to function properly-a fussy baby and a dog in heat did not make things any better.  Luckily  Noah came home with Tylenol and Water and relieved me of baby duties so I could have a good nap.  We had gourmet hamburgers for dinner (that Noah made -from scratch!) with a nice tomato, yellow pepper, and arugula salad.  It was delish!  We took turns eating and holding "The Babe"....after that I took a shower and hit the sack. OH! speaking of showers...Nohli did have her first bath in her new tub yesterday morning.  That was an early highlight.  She didnt cry ONCE!  Matter of fact I think she really enjoyed the relaxation of a bathtub.  She smelled like Tea Tree and Lavender after too!

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