Friday, October 3, 2008

Holy Nohli (Papa's First Post)

Life has changed a lot since Nohli came swimming into this world. Life as a parent quickly rearranges your priorities. In many ways the birth my daughter washed away all of life's unnecessary details. It magnified my love for Clariza and brought Nohli into my every thought. I love being a father, although it does still sound a little odd to have people refer to me as a father. It's kind of like the first few times you write the date after the New Year, you got to catch yourself from writing last years date. It's the same way being a brand new father, you got to catch yourself doing something you would do pre-fatherhood. I feel like my movements have so much more importance. There's always this fresh, wide-eyed, bundle of baby at home completely helpless and needy. It's motivating in many ways. As she starts to show more emotion, there are few feelings as incredible as seeing her smile or giggle. It's amazing to see her change, almost on the daily. Her eyes seems to continually morph into shades of gray and green. As I writing this post, I had to pause as Nohli awakes to a few quiet crys, but she goes back to sleep at a few minutes of rocking and back pats. She loves to sleep/watch baseball with me. Well she seems to be waking up again. I leave of this note. I have many jobs in my young life but none compare to fatherhood. It is completely encompassing on your life. There are no breaks, only a few fleeting moments to catch your breath and quickly clean up the mess before the next wave of fathering begins. SHOUT OUT TO NOHLI'S MOTHER (who knows this fact too well)


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