Saturday, October 25, 2008

Feliz Cumpleanos LULA!!!

Asleep @  PEARL OYSTER  BAR w papa

Auntie Chantille

Auntie Vanessa, Cairo, Nohli and Papa



Friday was Lula's 1st birthday and our last day with Renee's off we went to experience our last day on borrowed wheels.  Our 1st stop was the west village.  We made a quick stop at Caliente Cab for some apps. Nohli also ate there.  Then we headed to Babies R Us for some diapers a new blanky and a couple of trinkets.  On our way back to downtown we stopped by Pearl Restaurant. Just in the nick of time we sat at the bar.  As soon as we sat down Nohli passed out. We had the best Lobster Rolls EVER!!! Amazing pan seared scallops with beets carrots n potatoes, and some yummy fried oysters.  Hands down the best restaurant made seafood i have had in FOREVER!  After finishing the pear blackberry pie (a'la mode) we headed to BK.  Lula's 1st bday!!! So much fun, Nohli was up and in great spirits.  Everyone was impressed at how "well behaved" she was.  How grown she looked for a (just turned) 2 month old, and how well she can hold her head..She got to see her lil cousin Cairo and some more grown up friends....Alot to do on your 2month birthday anniversary, but if u dont already know....Thats how we Roll!

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